Buying Private Securities

With the advent of technology, new companies are formed which disrupt the traditional forms of business models. The marketplace for these companies are increasingly regional and global in nature and their growth trajectories are much steeper as a result. Concurrent with the above trend is the requirement for these companies to stay private longer to build up the market for their services before they are ready for a listing. However, given the lack of a central marketplace for investments in these companies, investors find it difficult to access investment opportunities in these companies despite the increasing requirements for funds.

To improve the market for Pre-IPO securities, Pre-IPO has been set up to serve members who are interested in the buying and selling of Pre-IPO securities. Given the focus on serving members’ needs, Pre-IPO has three distinct advantages:

  1. Improving liquidity

    As a site for institutional and accredited investors with similar interests, Pre-IPO allows investors and sellers to find liquidity quickly and efficiently through our platform. Investors can deal with sellers with a reasonable level of confidence given that the sellers would have to fulfil certain requirements before their postings are available for investors to review.

  2. Improving transparency

    Besides seeing postings by various sellers of Pre-IPO securities, investors can also see the date, the traded price and quantity for the transactions on that particular company. This will give a gauge on the level of demand for the company. Investors can also purchase research reports on the company which will give an analysis on the company.

  3. Improving the transaction flow

    Through a systematic approach to the transaction process, the Pre-IPO will help to facilitate the transaction flow. Pre-IPO can help guide both sellers and investors through the process and provide support should both parties encounter difficulties in executing the transaction.

The first step is to register with Pre-IPO and complete the short online accreditation form. Once your accredited status is confirmed, a confirmation email will be sent to your email account and you can access the platform for investments in upcoming Pre-IPO companies.

How to buy Private Securities


Please provide some basic information about yourself or your organization. In additional, please indicate whether you are an individual or institutional investor. We will provide an email confirmation once you have been successfully register.

Find Your Deal

Once you received our confirmation, you can gain access to our platform. You can find information on promising companies, and read reports on these companies.

When you find a company which you are interested in, you can contact the member who has created the posting on the company. Feel free to contact these members as they will love to hear from you.


If you are interested in any company shares that other members have put up for sale, you can enter a private chatroom, with him/her.

There is a simple 5-step-process for any transaction. The process includes

  • Negotiation (on price and quantity)
  • Appointment of professionals
  • Due Diligence (if any)
  • Sales and Purchase Agreement
  • Settlement between both parties
Learn more about Transaction Progress.

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