Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Airo membership work?
The membership applies to sellers. We charge sellers a US$10,000 annual membership fee—allowing sellers to list their shares an unlimited number of times within the 12-month period. We will collect the membership fee after the seller’s first transaction.
Will buyers be charged any fees?
Buyers will be responsible for any associated transaction fees such as third-party due diligence services, escrow arrangements and analyst reports.
How do I become a financial analyst on Airo?
Airo welcomes professional firms and research houses to submit their reports (on companies listed on the platform, general market trends or other relevant information) for sale. To be considered, please submit your analyst report and we will upload it if it’s deemed acceptable. You can set the price and Airo will take 30% commission upon sale.
How does Airo work for deals?
Our platform allows registered buyers and sellers to negotiate directly with each other. After both parties reach an agreement on the price and volume of stock, we will offer buyers several law firms and third-party financial institutions to choose from to handle the due diligence services and escrow arrangements.
How to register a company for Airo?
individuals (i.e. founders, early investors or employees) to sell their stock on the Airo platform. However, this may be subject to change. If you are keen, please register your interest through our website's Contact Us page.
Can financial institutions partner up?
Airo is prepared to work with banks, private equity, hedge funds and many other financial institutions to facilitate their clients' purchase or sale of stocks. The platform will soon have an API to make this process easier. In the meantime, please register your interest through our website's Contact Us page.